Gift Card program

As a new hotel we needed a gift card program.  After designing and implementing physical gift cards with our payments provider Shift4, I went looking for third party e-card solutions, only to find out they were $10k+, took 5-8% of all sales, and would miss our desired holiday deadline.  I created an end-to-end in-house solution using a custom e-commerce site, editable PDFs and a little Gmail canned response template—$500k+ in e-card sales later we haven't looked back.

  • Customized e-commerce site at subdomain for gift cards using HTML / CSS
  • Backend setup with Shift4 across two properties.
  • Physical gift card design and editable PDF "e-cards" for reservations
  • Permission-based Google Spreadsheet tracking system for reservations team
  • Canned response Gmail template for reservations team